Tiny Abundance

I’m looking forward to spring. Not just to say “good bye sucky winter!”, but to say “hello ¬†farmers markets!” I really miss fresh Annapolis Valley fruits and veggies. So much so that it inspired this latest creation. The other night I was finishing up season 2 of HBO’s The Leftovers (the weirdest show since Twin … More Tiny Abundance

She’s a doll

This was the beginnings of my first polymer clay art doll. Not without faults, but I was happy with her face. It only took several tries to do her eyes and it only cost me a few fist fulls of hair (no, not really). I have drawn portraits since I was a kid, and I … More She’s a doll

Why Minis?

For me, miniatures are a bit of an escape. An escape from bills, a messy house, and all the bad news I see too often. It’s important to come back to reality once in a while, but between the hours of 9am to noon…and some times late in the evening…don’t disturb me. I am either … More Why Minis?

Little Sweeties

It’s funny. As a society we are getting more uptight about what we eat. We (ok, maybe not me) are healthier, more fit, and more thoughtful about what we put into our mouths… But OH, how we love looking at delicious food. And wearing it. Have you seen the explosion of foodie jewelry on the … More Little Sweeties