Little Sweeties


It’s funny. As a society we are getting more uptight about what we eat. We (ok, maybe not me) are healthier, more fit, and more thoughtful about what we put into our mouths…

But OH, how we love looking at delicious food. And wearing it.

Have you seen the explosion of foodie jewelry on the internet? It grabbed my attention enough that I started making it.

If I’m not perusing through Pinterest yummies, I’m sitting at my desk trying to translate what I see into wearable drool-worthy goodies. From clay.

And I don’t have to feel guilty. I get the satisfaction without the calories.


3 thoughts on “Little Sweeties

  1. Actually you can make waffles that a low calorie. You just use buttermilk instead of of milk, and skip the butter. You can have yummy waffles while you are wearing a yummy jewelery.


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