Why Minis?

critterslivingFor me, miniatures are a bit of an escape.

An escape from bills, a messy house, and all the bad news I see too often. It’s important to come back to reality once in a while, but between the hours of 9am to noon…and some times late in the evening…don’t disturb me. I am either viewing a miniaturist’s little piece of heaven, or trying to create one myself.

Miniatures always focus on the important things in life: family and home. While so many of us live chaotic lives, these tiny kin are always in harmony. The houses are always pretty and families are always enjoying each others company.



These pictures I am sharing are of a cute house we built for our kids’ Calico Critters (my absolute favourite kids toys!). We made this for our little girls two Christmases ago. I blogged about it back then on my other wordpress blog.

critter house

We found an awesome ”dream dollhouse” template from Ana White’s website and shrunk it down, with some modifications. Our girls critter collection was growing and we found the houses too expensive for our budget. The solution was to build it ourselves and we were just as thrilled as our girls with the results; a house big and open enough for our little ones to play with it together. No exterior walls meant everyone could access it without pushing or whining.

Sometimes I push and whine when playing with the cute wee forest creatures. I’m working on that.

Our Critter house was published on Ana’s website as well, if you want to take a look at the design that inspired ours.


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