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Yesterday I whipped up a batch of polymer clay cherries. Then I mixed up some cherry sauce from fimo, clay from my cherry batch, and soft pastels.

It was my best cherries yet, so I went all out and made a bunch of desserts with it!

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DSC_0209 (2)

Two of my favourite cakes; Cherry Cheesecake and …….

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And I still had more cherries left. “Waste not want not” my mother always says, so I made another cherry cheesecake and cut it into individual slices.


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To make a batch of cherries, mix an equal amount of red and translucent polymer clay. Then mix in just a speck each of black clay and purple clay (this creates a black cherry effect). Once it’s fully integrated, roll into a thin log and slice fairly equal segments to roll into small balls. Take a small chunk of that clay and mix in approximately twice the amount of liquid sculpey or fimo to make the syrup/sauce. Scrape in a bit of red soft pastel and mix well until you have the colour and consistency you desire. Remember it will bake up a bit darker. When you add the cherries to the dessert, for realism, smoosh them with a ball tool.

Now I really really really want a slice of the real thing!

Realistic Dollhouse Floor Tiles

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This weekend, I continued working on my dollhouse. After finishing the lower level floor from millions of skinny sticks, I turned my attention to the upper level. After I regained feeling in my fingertips!

Once finished, the dollhouse is going to be a confectioner’s shop! The sweet lady who owns it will work out of the upper level, which will be a sprawling kitchen and a small sitting area for her to put her feet up. It will be open-spaced so I want a floor that doesn’t look too busy. Something classic and warm. To keep it from being busy, I chose to do it in larger tiles. The tiles would be represented as 12 inch tiles in real life.

I’ve been looking online for miniature flooring tiles but the ones I can afford are made from cheap vinyl sheets. Not the aesthetic that I wanted. I wanted a ceramic look. That got me wondering if I had the patience to make the tiles myself.

…So, I looked to my own kitchen tiles for inspiration.

I chose Craft Smart polymer clay in light brown (which is actually a great caramel colour). I put it through my pasta machine to make sheets that are roughly 1/16th of an inch thick. I trimmed these into individual tiles at 1 inch square.

DSC_0135 (2)

DSC_0136 (2)

Sienna and burnt umbre soft pastels were applied with a soft brush for colour.

Next, I textured the tiles by stippling with an old toothbrush, and created a tumbled edge with my ball tool.

DSC_0144 (2)


After curing and cooling, I protected the tiles with matte varnish.

DSC_0162 (2)
This is my life size tile that inspired the miniature version!

I will glue the tiles to the dollhouse floor. Beige acrylic paint – mixed with a bit of gesso- will serve as the ‘grout’.

These are some other tiles I have custom made for clients who visited my etsy shop…

hiroko's tiles
To simulate Nordic stone tile, with tumbled edge. 
DSC_0116 (2)
This client asked for Sante Fe style tiles. They are textured and painted to get this effect.

Dollhouse Breads



DSC_0079 (2)
My recent Tea for Two.

This past week I focused more on dollhouse scale miniatures, as I am starting my first dollhouse build. I’m very excited to complete it (and share it with you all)… but I have to constantly remind myself to slow down and focus on all the tiny details!

Tiny details are the best parts after all.

I thought I would share some bread and scones I made to go with a tea set I had in my collection of supplies. Breads are always fun to do as they evoke such a homey, warm feeling.

DSC_0098 (2)

DSC_0022 (2)

DSC_0031 (2)

DSC_0060 (2)
A poppyseed and cream cheese bagel necklace that I recently did


DSC_0077 (2)
Strawberry and cream scones…for a proper tea

I am also sharing the work of some of my favourite miniature artists. These are some of the best miniaturists I have come across!

The following photos are from the uber talented Satoshi Tanaka from Nunu’s House miniatures. Absolutely my favourite artist!

1234922_381352421992950_1709506894_n (2)
Photo credit from Nunu’s House miniatures


1424297_450053378456187_452426280_n (2)

Just look at that amazing crust! Photo from Nunu’s photostream

There are also a couple of Singaporean artists I love to follow; Cindy Teh (Snowfern Clover) and Pei Li’s Dollhouse Miniatures.

1978811_10152931323369328_5198696860652281524_n (2)
A perfect sandwich by Pei Li. Photo credit from her facebook page.
1974420_10152029466148157_637601397_o (2)
Cindy Teh’s beautiful fluffy cake texture. I’d love to know just how she achieves it!          Photo credit from her Snowfern Clover facebook page.

Pei Li also makes gorgeous flowers and other non-food items. Cindy Teh’s sushi and fruits are beyond compare in my opinion. If you love miniatures and are looking for inspiration, check out these two ladies!