Pepperoni Pizza in 1:6 Scale

DSC_0549 (2)I made this as a gift for a customer. She collects miniatures in 1:6 scale.

Clay Pizza is fun but also time consuming. This took most of the day but it was worth it. I hope she is pleasantly surprised when it arrives!

Some day, when I have this process down to a science, I would like to post a tutorial. In the meantime, I wanted to share my  recent effort.

Constructive criticism and suggestions  welcomed 🙂

DSC_0546 (2)


A Dollhouse Cookie Sheet

At some point, I want to get some aluminum sheets to make some baking pans. Since I didn’t have any, I settled for polymer clay. I love polymer clay. But when it comes to dollhouse miniatures, I like using materials closer to the real thing….For the sake of realism.

This may lack a bit in that department, but it’s still cute. And I am pleased how it turned out.

DSC_0495 (2)

Here, I scored and formed the sides using my Sculpey knife. Some liquid clay in the corners will help fuse the corner seams.

DSC_0499 (2)

Then I made a pink spatula with a marbled end. I went on to create a baking scene with some cookies and dough.

DSC_0491 (2)

You can smooth and polish the edges of polymer clay after it has been cured. The less handling while forming tiny items, the better.

DSC_0524 (2)

DSC_0532 (2)


Maddie Chamber’s Hand Made Hobbit Hole – Bag End from Lord of the Rings

Oh WOW…I had to share this woman’s blog. She is a UK artist, Maddie Chambers. I never made it to quite 5 feet, so I think I would be quite pleased and content to live in a Hobbit dwelling! Isn’t it magical?! I would move to the Shire in a heartbeat (as long as my family came too).

Madshobbithole's Blog

Aerial View of Hobbit Dolls House

Background on Bag End:

My name is Maddie Chambers/Brindley and this all began when I was a young child and read the Hobbit for the first time. I believe I was about 10 and I was instantly hooked. My Nanan lent me her copy of the Lord of the Rings about 1 year later and I remember thinking that the trilogy leaped into a far more complex world and one that I completely lost myself in. I have read Lord of the Rings about 20+ times now and each time it holds as much magic as the first time. When they announced that they were making a movie, I was really concerned that it would not live up to my imagination and that I would be disappointed. As it happens, a lot of it DID live up to my expectations, and when Gandalf visited Bag End…

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Tempting treats to break a tooth on (or my unusually productive day)

DSC_0416 (2)

I really don’t know what got into me. I must have been inspired by something. Because today I made some sweets…lots and lots of sweets….

DSC_0427 (2)

DSC_0423 (2)

Blueberry and strawberry desserts….

DSC_0454 (2)

And a flaky, buttery cookie with sprinkles…..(I had to try out my bright sprinkles)

DSC_0461 (2)

And finally, cupcakes in 1:6 scale….

DSC_0449 (2)

I did manage to get one healthy choice in…a tiny lonely pear! But I must say I was pleased with how it turned out…and darn if that simple little pear isn’t one of the cutest things I have turned out!

DSC_0390 (2)

DSC_0392 (2)

The pear was quite therapeutic to make. Especially after the more complex pieces I made today.

The only tools needed, save one ball tool and a needle to act as a skewer , was my fingers. Some simple squishing and moulding got the shape to where I wanted it. Then, it was just about layering colours.

DSC_0394 (2).jpg

This would be a great beginner project with polymer or air dry clays. By adding a pretty leaf, it would make a nice necklace or brooch. There is something so simply beautiful about pears. I guess that is why they are painted so often.

Polymer Clay Floor Tiles

DSC_0385 (2)

Do you remember when I started these polymer clay tiles for my first dollhouse?

DSC_0144 (2)

Well, they are finished! And now I am installing them in the upper level of my dollhouse. Installation is near completion and then I will ‘grout’ them with a mixture of acrylic paint and light weight spackle (the fluffy white kind).

I’m so pleased with how they are turning out that I thought I would share. Cost wise, I got about thirty four 1-inch square tiles from each 2 oz block of polymer clay. I used an economical brand of polymer clay since this was going into my first dollhouse. It cost just under $3 per block. I made approximately 180 tiles so I think it cost roughly $16 for the upstairs flooring. Not bad at all!

The benefits of making your own are in the price and the aesthetics. They look real, they are durable ( I dropped a bag of them on concrete without one breaking!), and they are light as a feather.

You could do the same with air dry clay but I find polymer clay is a better choice. Moisture won’t affect it like it would paper clays. Polymer clay also takes texture and colour (I used chalk) very easily. You also don’t have to worry about misting it to keep it moist. Another plus is you can make a big batch and store it for later, without any special preparation or storage concern.

Later on, I plan on using paper clay to make stonework to give this a lovely English cottage charm…but for tiles, I think I would opt for polymer clay.

DSC_0383 (2)
Can you see my schnauzer’s beard in the upper corner? Lenny is always inspecting my work!

And here is a set of tiles I made for a lovely buyer from Utah. They have a softer terracotta look. I used several variations of colours of clay here, combining them together. She wanted something that resembled Santa Fe tiles….

DSC_0115 (2)