Bringing home da’ bacon!

DSC_0212 (2)

I have to say,  I’m pretty excited about how this ‘bacon’ turned out!!

I made bacon in 1:3 and 1:12 scale.

As you can see, the bacon is kind of on the red side before it’s painted. It doesn’t look that hot. It is the paint that gives it realism. I used watered down acrylic paint and applied it in layers, sealing each one with matte glaze. This way you get a build of variations of colour, which is also important for realism.


DSC_0200 (2)


To go from a large scale to a much smaller one, you simply (but carefully) stretch it longer.


DSC_0224 (2)

Another thing you can do for a more realistic texture is mix fine craft sand in with the paint and glaze.

DSC_0219 (2)

“Wakey, Wackey, Eggs n’ Bakey!”   Here it is, a complete 1:12 scale breakfast.


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