There’s a Bluebird on Your Windowsill

dsc_0513-2“There’s a bluebird on your windowsill

There’s a rainbow in your sky

There are happy thoughts your heart to fill

near enough to make you cry”



This is the cheerful ear worm that played as I was making this latest mini. The song, which you may have heard, is a sweet little tune from Wilf Carter. He happened to be from my neck of the woods here in the Annapolis Valley. And for those who haven’t heard it, or those who want to hear it again, here is the link to hear his song.


This will go to a fellow artisan who will be attending a camp for miniaturists, which I will soon be leaving for. I hope the good vibes that went into making this, rubs off on them too 🙂

“The rainy days may come and go

The clouds soon roll away

Everything will come as you wished it so

As an answer when you pray”

A sweet song indeed. It makes me think of my Dad who loved whistling this song as well as his favorite, “You are my Sunshine”.


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