A Nod to Diner Food, in Miniature

my diner burger basket2Simple diner food often goes unappreciated. ¬†Growing up in a large family with a modest income, eating out at an old family diner was ‘fine dining’ for us kids.

I still love the small mom and pop establishments, though we usually eat at home. They are a nice source of nostalgia to visit when we get the chance.

sub sandwich


my cherry pieI made these miniatures with polymer clay. These are done in 1:6 scale, for Barbies, Blythe, or small ball-jointed dolls. I have been busily increasing my stock for the upcoming Apple Blossom Festival of Crafts, which will be held in Kentville, Nova Scotia, on May 27th.

my pizza

That is, if my daughter doesn’t sneak off with some…

E with pie