My Autumn Miniatures

turkey dinner 4_edited-1

This year we had a much welcomed extension to our summer. It’s only been since mid October that we can feel the crisp autumn air. Now that fall is upon us, I couldn’t be happier. This is my favourite time of year…when we bring out our sweaters, cook more comfort foods, do more family cuddles on the couch…and get my crafting ON! Thanksgiving, Halloween, and soon to be followed by Christmas. There is so much inspiration for us creative people!

I’m almost a bit manic by the time we are ready to kick off the Thanksgiving holiday here in Canada. I have so many ideas for minis rolling around in my brain and just never enough time to finish what I started. However, I did have luck completing a few pieces.

First it began with a ‘naked and raw’ turkey….

my turkey

Add to that lots of texturing and painting …..and before too long, I had made a Thanksgiving roast turkey with several side dishes!

turkey side white


turkey dinner3

stuffing and potatoes



The stuffing and the candied sweet potato casserole are my favourites.



When Thanksgiving was over, my attention was drawn to making Halloween miniatures. I spied some old material I had from one of my kids costumes. I made a witch’s hat from it, a broom, some pumpkins and a carved jack o’lantern.


my halloween decor


I hope you enjoy a fun and safe Halloween!

Published by blossomfriends

I create miniature food sculpts (mainly dollhouse scale), out of my home, in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. I live surrounded by the beauty of local orchards and rolling farmlands. When my kids leave for school, I set to work, often in my pajamas, with my clingy miniature schnauzer, Lenny, at my feet. I create only what interests or inspires me. My focus is on quality not quantity. While I often have only a few pieces available, they are very detailed as I continue to build my skill. If you are interested in having me make you something special, please visit my Facebook page and leave me a message

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