A Tiny Room for Mother…

moms roombox2

This Christmas,  I made a room box for my mom. My husband made the outer wooden box and I made the inner foam box ‘room’. If you want to see a tutorial on how to make a room box, Kris at ‘1 inch minis‘ has a great one to follow.

The furnishings are a mix of some items I made, and some favourite pieces I was keeping for a future project. Raimonda at Mondina Dollhouse made the lovely rug and cushion on the rocking chair. She makes the nicest detailed dollhouse linens, with perfect seems and crisp folds! I purchased the rocker, sofa,  lamp, and unfinished french doors from Grandpa’s Dollhouse (a Canadian online shop). This shop is a family run business (you can’t beat that for personal service) …and I always find some great sales in their shop.

moms roombox complete3

The main focus of the room box started with the song, “You are my Sunshine” which was my belated father’s favourite tune to sing and whistle. He sang it to my mom when they were dating, and later to his kids and grand babies. The song has been a comfort to my mom since his passing. I knew that I had to have a vintage record player with Gene Autry’s LP cover beside it.  I made the player from jumbo popsicle sticks and stock wood I had on hand. I used an old sewing machine needle for the ‘arm’ of the player. The albums, below the stand I made, are ones that my parents listened to…Roy Rogers, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Charlie Pride. I found printable LPs online, modified them a bit, and coated them with gloss spray.

moms roombox complete4

The apothecary coffee table I made some time ago. It is one of my first pieces of furniture! Not perfect, but cute. On top is a slice of raspberry layer cake that I made, and a cup of tea.


moms roombox7

The throw blanket was an old knitted shirt of mine, pinned in place and sprayed with hairspray.

moms roombox complete2

There is a framed photo of my parents when they were dating on the wall. The box of mementos on the floor is filled with our family photos, documents, and a photo from my parents wedding day. A sign hangs in one corner saying, “Family is Life’s Greatest Blessing”. A bible sits in a corner table, because my mom is the most faithful person I know. If asked, she would tell you that is the foundation that held my family together and kept us safe.

moms roombox final

I hope anyone who reads this had a lovely Christmas holiday…and all the best to you and yours in 2018!


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