Sculpting a Mini Lemon Bundt

my lemon thyme cake

I’m sometimes asked “how on earth did you make that?” when people see my miniatures for the first time. So, I thought I’d show a few photos with a brief description of the process.

Even though it’s so tiny, it helps to think how ‘real’ food is made. Sometimes the best inspirations come from cookbooks, pinterest, or food blogs. This is where I came across a lovely recipe that inspired me online. What caught my eye this time, was Nigella Lawson’s Lemon-thyme cake, which this blogger wrote about.  If you want to make the real deal, follow along in Simone’s blog, . I know I plan to make the real cake this weekend! Thank you, Simone, whom I do not know. She certainly takes lovely food photos!

*I have to make real desserts on occasion, or my family grows frustrated every time they see a new sculpt!* I lost count of how many times I have said, “I think I’ll make a cake”, just to hear them all groan – “REAL or fake??”

Whenever I see something that I have to sculpt, I prepare the clay (batter), then the garnishments/sauces/icing etc. Just like in real cooking, I line up all my ‘ingredients’. In this case, I started by cutting out thyme leaves from painted parchment paper.

my lemon thyme cake 7

After forming my clay into my desire shape, I begin the basic texturing. For this I use a foil ball, ball stylus tools, and dental tools.  This is where I spend most of my time in every project, and the result is well worth it.

my lemon thyme cake 10

I then set down an initial colour base with soft pastels, starting with the lighter colours first. Think how real food cooks or bakes, with the light golden progressing to charing if your dish calls for it. The more variations of colour you use, the more realistic.

my lemon thyme cake 11

my lemon thyme cake 9

Sharp blades are used to cut out servings, which then requires more texturing. I prebake after this, before adding any icing/sauces/garnishes. This protects the details of all that texturing I did!

my lemon slice

Once cool to the touch, I finish adding the pretty touches.  I had planned on making more sprigs of thyme with the many leaves I cut out, but chose keeping my sanity in the end. Yes, I actually do grow impatient sometimes with this process!

my lemon thyme cake2

My favourite part is the end result and getting to take photos of my creation. The real challenge is not to rush it. However, sometimes there is only so much time in the day to make use of natural light.


So before the last of the light slipped away from me, I barely got this scene set up. I didn’t manage to complete the scene backdrop. I did manage to find my kitchen Island that I made. I hope you enjoy my photos and can appreciate the process. If you stumbled upon this post and ever wanted to try making miniature food, but felt intimidated, please don’t! Polymer clay is a forgiving medium. It also does not dry out like air dry clays. You can buy a 2 ounce bar of polymer clay for under $3 at just about any craft store. Give it a go!


my lemon thyme cake5


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I create miniature food sculpts (mainly dollhouse scale), out of my home, in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. I live surrounded by the beauty of local orchards and rolling farmlands. When my kids leave for school, I set to work, often in my pajamas, with my clingy miniature schnauzer, Lenny, at my feet. I create only what interests or inspires me. My focus is on quality not quantity. While I often have only a few pieces available, they are very detailed as I continue to build my skill. If you are interested in having me make you something special, please visit my Facebook page and leave me a message

5 thoughts on “Sculpting a Mini Lemon Bundt

  1. What a great post! 🙂 I loved your beautiful pictures, lovely tutorial, and clear tips. It was really neat and helpful to see your process! Also the cake is pretty amazing. :O I’m glad you’re making a real one for your family’s sake. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Allison 🙂 I’ve been away from my blog for a while. I usually feel in a bit of a slump after the Holidays…but, I’m feeling a bit inspired with Spring on it’s way! I plan on posting some Easter miniatures and a mini potting shed in the upcoming month.


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