Miniature Cherry Strudel

cherry strudel2_edited-2

I recently made this dollhouse cherry strudel. This was a great lesson in patience as I spent part of the day trying to perfect these cherries – cherries that are a mere 2 millimetres in diameter! The cherry ‘stems’ are not much bigger than a hair. In fact, when looking at this with the naked eye, instead of under a lens, you can easily miss seeing the stems.

cherry strudel yum_edited-1


I have so many cherries left over that I expect there will be many cherry pies, cobblers, sundaes, tarts, etc in the near future. Good thing that they are all calorie free!

cherry strudel with nickle


Cherries (the real deal) are one of my favourite foods. Making clay cherries, not so much!

…..But they do look so simple and pretty in a dish!


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