A Trio of Dollhouse Ice Cream Pancakes

my icecream pancakes2

When I made a large amount of miniature pancakes a while back, I made these 3 cuties for something a bit different.

my icecream pancakes from above

I can’t eat the real-deal except on rare occasions. My blood sugar would sky-rocket. But these allow me enough satisfaction, so I am good. It’s a ‘look but don’t touch’ kind of thing.

If you are wondering, I get the texture for the ice cream to look realistic with the tip of an x-acto knife and a toothbrush. It just takes a gentle and patient hand. Refer back to up-close photos in cookbooks or Pinterest. When done, be sure to look all over your scoop of ice cream to make sure it’s all textured, because it’s easy to miss a spot. I do it too.

my icecream pancakes3

These would be so cute in a dollhouse vintage ice cream parlour. Now I’m getting more ideas. I already have a mental list of a gazillion roomboxes/dollhouses I want t o create!

Too many ideas, not enough lifetimes.



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