My New Obsession: Meadow Dolls

Bailey sunkissed
All photos from Meadow Dolls website.

I have spent too much time coveting these cuties! I think these may be my new favorite BJD. They are the picture of innocence and fun, aren’t they?

Meadow dolls are from a Swedish Mother-daughter team. Their company name drew inspiration from flowers of the meadow – all unique, equally beautiful, yet complimentary to one another. And their dolls definitely have that quality, they have a sameness yet individuality to them. The dolls look as if they could be siblings or cousins (Ella and Gigi would make a wonderful pairing!) The mom became fascinated with Asian bjds which reminded her of her native Czeck Republic marionette dolls. Later, she employed her daughter with the task of painting their sweet faces. Their dolls come in various scales, their ‘dumplings’ collection being my favorite! If you want to read more of their interesting story, here is a link to an interview they did for the website, bjd collectasy.

“Ella” here is a dumpling and she stands 11″ high…

Ella has completely stolen my heart, more so than the other dolls….

The toothy “Gigi” is also darling! ….


“Patti” is another one of the dumpling gang…

“Patti” from Meadow dolls gallery.


Meadow dolls makes 18″ dolls compatible with AG accessories. “Bailey” is one such doll and she is very cute!

“Bailey”, with tan skin finish.

They also have ‘Tween’ dolls  and ‘Twinkie’s which are comparable in size to tiny bjd’s like Lati Yellow.

Twinkies “Chara”

I think these dolls tug at my heart so because they embody the best qualities of childhood…innocence, playfulness, and a hint of mischief. They aren’t carefully groomed like other bjds, their wigs are a bit tossled, clothing is more practical. They appear as though you’ve caught them in play. These dolls are twice what I have paid for my other bjd, so they are far out of my price range. But I can always admire these gallery photos. I’m sharing these in hopes of bringing a smile to your face…enjoy!

Oh Ella….you are just so adorable!!

Ella has enchanted me.

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