Summer’s End: A 1:10 scale diorama


Summer is over and my mind is turning to…

Thanksgiving turkey

the crisp Fall air

the crunch of leaves under foot

 and the spicy sweet mingling of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves …

While the grass is still green, and the leaves mostly so, I thought I’d put Lily in a pretty gingham dress and snap a shot of her. Time to pack away the summer clothes and take out some tiny sweaters!


This sweet purse is made by Mondina Dollhouse on Etsy.

The box and furniture, I made myself. The Lati Yellow dolls that we collect are 1:8th scale and many of our accessories are 1:12th scale. So, I decided to marry the two scales by custom building the furniture and surroundings to 1:10th scale. I think it works.

I had great fun making the tiny books, like these Enid Blyton ones ….


Some of the accessories, such as the pretty rug and purse, were made by Mondina Dollhouse. I love everything I have purchased from this shop and highly recommend Raimonda’s lovely miniatures. Much of the room I put together with odds and ends I have collected. Those sweet topiaries are made from tiny wood pots I found at Michael’s…and believe it or not, bulgur grains! I learned how to make them on ‘We love Miniatures’, a tutorial channel on Youtube.




My daughter’s Lati Yellow doll, which she named ‘Riley’.

I’ve made this diorama for my daughter over the summer. She requested something that looks a bit vintage and she wanted to include deer in the decor, as her Grampy was fond of deer that visited his property. She was very close to her grandfather, so it’s a little nod to him, the outdoors, and animals.

Now to working on our Christmas dollhouse, which I hope to complete before the holidays!


heart topiary

Published by blossomfriends

I create miniature food sculpts (mainly dollhouse scale), out of my home, in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. I live surrounded by the beauty of local orchards and rolling farmlands. When my kids leave for school, I set to work, often in my pajamas, with my clingy miniature schnauzer, Lenny, at my feet. I create only what interests or inspires me. My focus is on quality not quantity. While I often have only a few pieces available, they are very detailed as I continue to build my skill. If you are interested in having me make you something special, please visit my Facebook page and leave me a message

3 thoughts on “Summer’s End: A 1:10 scale diorama

  1. Beautiful diorama! Love all the small details, they really bring it to life. You’re right, the 1:10 scale works perfectly, neither Lily or the 1/12 scale miniatures look out of place!


    1. Thank you River! It really is just a slight difference between the 1:12 and 1:10 scales. And I think it makes it look like the dolls are in a playhouse, with furniture made just for their size. I’m glad you like it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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