Carol’s ‘Acorn & Beet’ Cookie Necklace

second one

“They’re pink”



“Beets…it’s what makes them sweet”

“I’m not really a beet kind of guy”

“just put it in your mouth, jerk”

If you are a Carol fan from The Walking Dead you remember those lines from a recent episode. Carol is my favourite. I love the duality of her nature. On one hand, she is the casserole and cookie Queen…on the other, a warrior who will get the job done.

Many of us women are like her, I think. It’s why she’s so popular. We love our families, we are peacekeepers, caretakers, and often the glue in our relationships…but we also know that in a zombie apocalypse, or any scenario that threatened those we love, out comes the claws.  Don’t mess with our Carol!

I loved the scene with her cheerfully picking out her perfectly pressed blouse and cardi from her closet, only to get zombie blood splattered all over it in the next scene. The exasperation on her face was priceless.

…Anyway… I love her ability to bake up goodies from foraging for acorns and a depleted stock of canned goods.

carol acorns
Carol roasting her acorns that she will later grind into flour. Photo belongs to AMC.

Inspired by her ingenuity, I made the cookies from that episode into a multi-media necklace for myself. It’s made of polymer clay, wood, and paper. Tucked behind, on another board, is Carol’s cheerful face, in a modified sketch design:

the one
The cookies have a hint of pink, just like on the show

DSC_1324 (2).jpg

And, in the event that you want to make these cookies- the edible version- a blogger at Ready Nutrition has posted the recipe!






Little Sweeties


It’s funny. As a society we are getting more uptight about what we eat. We (ok, maybe not me) are healthier, more fit, and more thoughtful about what we put into our mouths…

But OH, how we love looking at delicious food. And wearing it.

Have you seen the explosion of foodie jewelry on the internet? It grabbed my attention enough that I started making it.

If I’m not perusing through Pinterest yummies, I’m sitting at my desk trying to translate what I see into wearable drool-worthy goodies. From clay.

And I don’t have to feel guilty. I get the satisfaction without the calories.