Christmas Sweeties

The girls are enjoying some Christmas cake, cookies and peppermint bark. Everything you see here is in dollhouse (1:12) scale, which I think is charming and cute paired with my tiny ball jointed dolls. Blossom’s candy cane sriped outfit is from Denver Doll and the super sweet dress on Riley is from Trillian&Co. on Etsy.Continue reading “Christmas Sweeties”

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This past weekend I attended a workshop at Freedom Miniatures, in Kentville, Nova Scotia. This is a newly opened bricks and mortar shop -the ONLY one in Atlantic Canada – which is a combined studio and retail space for miniature enthusiasts. This was the first workshop offered by the owner, Shelley Acker, and I wasContinue reading “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

Summer’s End: A 1:10 scale diorama

Summer is over and my mind is turning to… Thanksgiving turkey the crisp Fall air the crunch of leaves under foot  and the spicy sweet mingling of cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves … While the grass is still green, and the leaves mostly so, I thought I’d put Lily in a pretty gingham dress andContinue reading “Summer’s End: A 1:10 scale diorama”

How’d ya like them (mini) apples?

I live in the apple capital of Nova Scotia. And it’s harvest time. So, to pay homage, I have made a bunch of dollhouse apples. I’m sharing this little tutorial because this is a good starter for polymer clay fruit. To make realistic dollhouse fruit, you must first get the scale conversion right. Then it’sContinue reading “How’d ya like them (mini) apples?”

My New Obsession: Meadow Dolls

I have spent too much time coveting these cuties! I think these may be my new favorite BJD. They are the picture of innocence and fun, aren’t they? Meadow dolls are from a Swedish Mother-daughter team. Their company name drew inspiration from flowers of the meadow – all unique, equally beautiful, yet complimentary to oneContinue reading “My New Obsession: Meadow Dolls”

A Give-Away! : Miniature Sculpted Rainbow Cake.

As a thank-you to my small but loyal followers, I’d like to gift one of you with a small token of my appreciation. I am giving away this rainbow layer cake to someone, with 2 slices included, and I will ship anywhere in the world! I will, or course, pay the shipping. This polymer clayContinue reading “A Give-Away! : Miniature Sculpted Rainbow Cake.”

DIY doll Furniture

My growing doll collection needed some furniture. Currently, I’m working on a bedroom diorama for our 1:8 scale BJDs (ball jointed dolls). As mentioned in another post, dollhouse furniture in 1:12 scale is quite acceptable for these dolls. In fact, it’s a very cute fit as it appears the dolls are using child-scale furniture. YouContinue reading “DIY doll Furniture”

My First Ball Jointed Doll!

Notice I said she is my ‘first’ BJD. There will likely be more, once I am done nursing some wounds (I’ll tell you later). My kids are quite enamored with her -as in all things cute and small- and now they want a piece of the action! We are already in negotiations and discussing roomContinue reading “My First Ball Jointed Doll!”

Easter Printables & Tutorials for Miniatures.

Happy Easter weekend everyone! The following images are vintage pieces from the public domain or they have been generously shared on these blogger’s websites. They are recommended for ‘personal use’ to use in your Easter projects. Please visit the blogger’s site (by clicking the link)to retrieve the image from them, rather than saving from myContinue reading “Easter Printables & Tutorials for Miniatures.”

A Trio of Dollhouse Ice Cream Pancakes

When I made a large amount of miniature pancakes a while back, I made these 3 cuties for something a bit different. I can’t eat the real-deal except on rare occasions. My blood sugar would sky-rocket. But these allow me enough satisfaction, so I am good. It’s a ‘look but don’t touch’ kind of thing.Continue reading “A Trio of Dollhouse Ice Cream Pancakes”